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Root Spray

The spray had very even coverage which did a great job of hiding grey hair, and it did not leave a horrible residue like other brands I have tried in the past.

Radha G. 08/10/20

Biokap Touch Up Spray is amazing in covering large areas of grey hair in between two hair dyes. I love that it is natural and stays on for a few days. Very practical when on the go and great results!

Naomi L. Oct 2020

I have now received the Root Spray and it is brilliant covered my greys and is staying in my hair for a couple of days.

So great to find one that has none of the chemicals that the high street brands do. Also I was worried about my sensitive scalp but it is fine. Intend to stock up as it is great for in between dyeing.

Yvonne M , June 2020

Delighted with this spray – not only are grey roots covered but my fine and thinning hair looks thicker! Thanks for a great product

Sue H. May 2020

Rapid Dye

No strong or unpleasant scent. Perfectly colours the hair and covers the white ones. It's been 4 weeks and the colour is still perfect. I would recommend this as it does not irritate or contain dangerous chemicals.

Anon Jan 2020

My mother used the dye. She has been colouring for years and years, always with chemical dyes. That's why I was a little sceptical how this colour would be as it is more natural. It worked wonderfully. The hair is well-groomed and the colour is beautiful!

Natascha, March 2019

First very positive experience. Although I am so clumsy, the result is very satisfactory. Shiny hair, soft, silky and well covered in colour. Clear instructions and works very fast (10 minutes)

Stefania, Feb 2019